Sharon Doubiago

Body and Soul

"I was amazed by her reading. This whole soul came out and in detail and quite complete. She's very conscious...She sounds like Kerouac, like really good. The energy, but it's more the details, precise details. Doubiago sees things, she notices things in the middle of these crisis moments...." Allen Ginsberg

Selected Works

"...There is terror in this collection, and despair, but also joy, love, and the gift of resilience in a broken world. Terrorism, loss, discrimination, odes to poets, to women, poems about skateboarding and the California breeze, about motherhood and colonization / westward expansion, these poems confront the unspeakable and move beyond the self to include us all. A book of poetry full of surprise, one to keep close and return to often." —Dorianne Laux
A book-length poem in the tradition of investigative poetry that takes on both the Church and the State in a complex search for justice and reconciliation of crimes and the abuse of power past and present as told through one man's story - a full-blooded Shuswap-Lillooet Indian convicted of a crime he claims he did not commit.
“A grand and powerful selection by one of America’s best.”
–Jack Hirschman, San Francisco Poet Laureate
Memoir, Autobiography, Women's Studies, Trauma Studies, Poetics, Family History, American History
Volume I of the memoir, My Father's Love, Childhood in Southern California; reveals her identity as the author of an acclaimed story on incest. Volume II reveals the legacy of her father's sexual and psychological abuse that continued throughout his life and the toxic effects it has had on the lives of everyone in the family.
Childhood in Southern California; reveals her identity as the author of an acclaimed story on incest.
Includes "How To Make Love To A Man," a 2001 Puschcart Prize winner
long poem
A 298 page poem of traveling with her 15 year old daughter through Columbia, Equador and Peru, climaxing at Machu Picchu.
Poems: 1975-1987, The Hazel Hall Oregon Book Award for Poetry, Oregon Institute of Literary Arts, 1991
short stories
Published by Graywolf, serial short stories in the voice of a woman from adolescence to mid adulthood.
Epic Poem
“…submerges into the dismembered body of woman and the Americas…fans the fires of the lyrical oracle”
–Meridel LeSueur

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